A founding story

Founded in Taiwan in 1977, Chailease Holding Limited Company has grown to become a leading leasing company in Taiwan.

In 2015, Chailease Holding has formed a joint venture with Berjaya Capital Berhad, which led to the successful expansion of our financial services into Malaysia with the formation of Chailease Berjaya Credit Sdn. Bhd.

How we reach our goals
Our Mission
Become an excellent financial services company in Malaysia by providing financial solutions that effectively meet the diverse needs of our customers.
Our Vision
We strive to be a trusted and supportive partner to our customers and merchants, empowering their growth and success.
Our Culture
Embrace culture diversity, fostering an inclusive environment that values unique perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.
Our core values
Building sustainable value for shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, and communities we engage with
Creating win-win opportunities that benefit all parties involved
Undertaking and implementing with precision and consistency
Driving sustainable development for long-term prosperity
Inspiring service enthusiasm and building strong relationships
Moments in every steps

Chailease Holding Limited Company was founded (Taiwan)


Executed Product diversification and international expansion (Taiwan)


Established Chailease Consumer Finance CO. Ltd.(CCFC) with aim of providing instalment service offline (Taiwan)


Chailease Holding Limited Company was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (Taiwan)


Established used car loan service (Malaysia)


Joint ventured with Berjaya Capital Berhad to establish Chailease Berjaya Credit Sdn. Bhd. (CHBE) with aim of providing car loan service (Malaysia)


• Launched an app called “Chailease 0 card,” providing instalment services (Taiwan)

• Chailease Berjaya Credit Sdn. Bhd. (CHBE) became the second largest used car financing company (Malaysia)

• Established motorbike loan and SME services (Malaysia)


• Launched JOMAUTO APP and Auto Life Insurance (Malaysia)

• Awarded the “Outstanding SME” by the Golden Bull Award (Malaysia)


“Chailease 0 card” was renamed as “zingala 銀角零卡” (Taiwan)


• Chailease Berjaya has renamed its instalment plan as “Chailease Pay Later” (Malaysia)

• Chailease Holding Limited Company became active across 11 markets including Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, China, the United States, and England

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