Founding Story
Driving growth and economic success

Founded in Taiwan in 1977, Chailease Holding Limited Company has become a leading leasing company in Taiwan. Chailease Holding was listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 2011, reflecting its strong financial standing and commitment to transparency.

In 2018, Chailease Consumer Finance Co, the retail arm of Chailease Holding, launched an app called “Chailease 0 card,” enabling customers to make payments for products and services in instalments.

In 2022, “Chailease 0 card” was renamed as “zingala,” aligning with the company’s strategic expansion into the ASEAN markets.

Expanded presence in Malaysia
In 2015, Chailease Holding expanded presence in Malaysia through a joint venture with Berjaya Capital Berhad. This collaboration resulted in the establishment of Chailease Berjaya Credit Sdn. Bhd., enabling Chailease Holding to offer its financial solutions to the Malaysian market.
Through Chailease Berjaya operations, Chailease Berjaya provides engage with hire purchase and easy payment agreement, catering to the diverse financial needs of customers in Malaysia. In 2023, Chailease Berjaya renamed its instalment plan as “ Chailease Pay Later.”
Connecting the world with a wide range of financial services

Chailease Holding offers a wide range of financial operations, including leasing, instalment services, factoring, corporate direct loans, and off-shore financing services. These services are designed to support individuals and businesses with comprehensive financial solutions.

In line with global economic trends, internationalization has become the main business strategy of Chailease Holding. The company currently operates in countries including Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, the United States, Ireland, and England.

台灣 Taiwan
Chailease Finance Co., Ltd.
Fina Finance & Trading Co., Ltd.
Chailease Consumer Finance Co., Ltd.
Chailease Auto Rental Co/. Ltd.
Chailease Insurance Brokers Co/. Ltd.
Chailease Energy Development Corp.
Chailease Foundation
中國 China
Chailease International Finance Corp.
泰國 Thailand
Asia Sermkij Leasing Pic.
柬埔寨 Cambodia
Chailease Royal Leasing Pic.
越南 Vietnam
Chailease International Finance Co., Ltd.
馬來西亞 Malaysia
Chailease Berjaya Credit Sdn.Bhd.
菲律賓 Philippines
Chailease Berjaya Finance Crop.
印度尼西亞 Indonesia
PT Chailease Finance Indonesia.
新加坡 Singapore
Chailease International Financial Services (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Europe & Americas
美國 The United States
Grand Pacific Financing Crop.
英國 England
Chailease International Co. (UK) Ltd.
愛爾蘭 Ireland
C & E Engine Leasing Limited
Design elements of the Chailease Holding logo
The Chailease Holding logo features an ancient Chinese coin design with four "F" letters joined together in a circular pattern. This design symbolizes Chailease's philosophy, values, and commitment to building strong customer relationships and connecting with communities, ensuring sustainable business and continuous growth.
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